Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Extreme Close-Up (Perspectives, #1)Extreme Close-Up by Julie Jaret
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was HOT and it was the first time I have read Julie Jaret. Not your typical older woman/ younger guy romance. Lisa is 41 and Braden is 23. Brayden is hot young, sexy and woman wise beyond his years.He could see what made Lisa tick, and how she felt about herself. Lisa was flattered with his attention, but tried hard to resist because of her age, and her knowing him when he was growing up, not to mention that her ex-husband is now married to his mother. When Lisa finally gave in Braden taught her what she had been missing while she had been sexually repressed.Not to mention her ex hadn't given her what she needed. He was too busy having an affair with Braden's mother,needless to say her ex and Braden's mother broke up two families so they could have what they wanted. To find out what happens with these two read the book and see how Braden makes Lisa see herself through his eyes, and what he does to boost her self worth!
Julie Jaret writes with passion and insight to her characters, and with lots of humor. The funny parts were laugh out loud funny, and the sexy parts
were hot, romantic and passionate! I enjoyed this book, and I read it as part of the Mommy's Naughty Playground review team.

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