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Ensnared (The Life of Anna, #4)Ensnared by Marissa Honeycutt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What a total mind screw this 4th book was for me! Devin learns he can use Anna's essence to make himself stronger, and enable him to do anything to her and others. He is literally sucking the life right out of her, she becomes like a zombie and completely under his control. She is not even coherent most of the time! Devin and Kevah double team her, Devin takes her life essence and Kevah the immortal gives her more, but she is always at a deficit, needing more, hence the puppet like blank eyes, and she becomes even more of a shell of her former self. Devin continues to pile abuse on her.
People have noticed that Devin is becoming more powerful, and plans are afoot to stop Devin, and steal Anna away from him when his link with her is the weakest, after the baby stealing ritual. Will they succeed?
Each successive book i this series has answered some questions, and then added more to ponder for the reader. The last and final book in the series is due out soon, and I hope everything will be wrapped up, and all the questions answered.
This has been a very hard series for me to read, and I caution anyone, if you cannot read about a great deal of sadistic sex, and abuse not to read this book!!!! It is well written by the author and must be read in order, even though each book is a full sized book. The author's ability to convey the story is exceptional, and it keeps you on the edge of your seat for the entire book. I probably should have given this book 5 stars instead of 4, but it honestly just didn't answer enough of the questions that I had before adding more. I understand that this book had to set up the last book of the series, but I am almost at the end of my rope waiting for answers, and wanting to find out what is going to be the final ending for Anna and if she will get her HEA, or some form of a happy ending! I reviewed this book for the MNP review team.

View all my reviews Embraced (The Life of Anna, #3)Embraced by Marissa Honeycutt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

******WARNING****** I can't stress enough that this book is for adults over the age of consent !The life of Anna part 3 seemed to go well for Anna for about half of this book, she was happy and carefree! The abuse was at a minimum, then BAM it was at a level that is way above maximum! Things went from dark to darker then to darkest! Devin is a character so strong willed, evil, and powerful, a character you love to hate! He will do something sweet for Anna then all of a sudden take it back, and revert back to his evil self totally screwing with her mind. He is kind of a Jeckal and Hyde character, who can do an about face in the span of a minute or two! Anna is so vulnerable in this part of the books and her will is beaten down to the point that she is just a shell of her former self. The abuse that Anna had to deal with and live through was horrendous!. Marrisa Honeycutt is driving me crazy with these books, all I know is that I must find out what is going to happen next, it is like a fever that must be quenched! This book is like a roller coaster ride with twists and turns so fast you least expect them and end up with that feeling that your heart is in your throat! So if you like a
book series that is darker than dark, and keeps you on the edge of your seat biting your fingernails, then this whole series by Marrisa Honecutt is for YOU! I literally have no fingernails left, it is a good thing I can hold my Kindle with one hand, I don't know what I would have done if I couldn't bite my fingernails while I read this! I read and reviewed this book for the MNP review team.

View all my reviews Entwined (The Life of Anna, #2)Entwined by Marissa Honeycutt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was given to me in Exchange for an honest review. WARNING:If you are squeamish about abuse and lots of sadistic sexual practices this is not the book for you! If you made it through the first book Enslaved and were interested in this part 2, Entwined I congratulate you! This book is darker than part 1 Enslaved, which I expected. There is so much abuse and sex that Anna endures, I don't know how see lives through it. I guess it's because it is all she knows except for her ballet.Many questions were answered that I had from the first book and it seems that for every question that was answered two more took it's place! I am sure that the author is going to eventually get to the meat of the story and explain things, but I am getting impatient. I still don't know much about the immortals and why they would let a young girl of 20 go through so much. I said with the first review it was going to get dark, then darker,and t really did, so I wonder what is going to happen in the next book. Let me tell you these are not novellas they are full sized books, so there is a lot that goes
on in these books. I am still anxious to find out what is going to happen to Anna! I cringe every time she interacts with her first master, Devon and I want to slap the second master into next week. I understand why he had to go to
Germany, but I want him to get back and take care of Anna so she doesn't have to go through so much abuse. The ritual that all the slaves and the Elder sons took place was unreal, and I can't imagine, and thankful that it won't happen in real life, at least I pray it doesn't! The mark
of a good author is the ability to make the reader keep reading, even if they really don't want to! Marissa Honeycutt certainly manages to do
that for me and make my emotions bounce around all over the place!
Reviewed by Sassy for MNP.

View all my reviews Enslaved (The Life of Anna, #1)Enslaved by Marissa Honeycutt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*****Warning:This book is dark and deviant, it is about sex slaves and masters and a brotherhood of corrupt men and if you cannot handle sexual deviant practices and force this is not the book for YOU!*******
It is about a sexual brotherhood and the sex slaves they train and use, a young girl , Anna who at 16 years old was started in training to be a sex slave. Anna had a normal life growing up until her parents were killed in a car accident when she was eleven. Her parents were famous ballet dancers and Anna was well on her way to being a ballerina herself. After her parents were killed, she went to live with a guardian, a man he knew as Uncle Jack, but he was no relation to her and his good friend Devin was always there too doting on Anna. The onl thing she was allowed was to continue her ballet dance classes a few times a week. There were strange practices going on in Jacks house and she had to stay in her rooms most of the time. She heard girls screaming and crying a lot.
When she was sixteen everything changed for her. Devin lovingly took her virginity and then the next day when she awoke she was in hell! They started her in her training for being a sex men of the brotherhood that she knew nothing about. It was a hellish four years until she turned twenty, and she tried to take her own life once during that time. She endured many punishments and her body was taught to enjoy sex whether she wanted it or not. This is a very intense book, and I am taking a wait and see attitude with this until I read the next book, because it left me with more questions than answers. The author has written a book that can't have been easy to write with the practices and rituals she wrote about. She explained everything very well, but this book is brutal. I bought this book knowing upfront that it was a very dark read, but the blurb pulled me in anyway. I don't always read dark but if you want DARK then I would recommend this book! I however am very interested in finding out what happens in the next book so now I am hooked Now! Which is probably what the author, Marissa Honeycutt intended. I am interested in finding out what this brotherhood is about, and wondering if I am wrong about some of the paranormal aspects. Like the ability to take away ones speech and the mind control. These women sex slaves, and men slaves seem to be brain washed, otherwise why does no one fight these people and their practices. The piercings, OMG the all have even the masters! This brotherhood is centuries old, and almost all of the female slaves are born into the brotherhood. I am pulling for you Anna, but I have a feeling this is going to go from Dark to Darker and then Darkest before the light begins to shine on you Anna! There are 4 books in this series, and I plan to read them ALL!Reviewer Saasy for MNP

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