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Xavier, Darren and Cameron Rossi all live different lives despite their riches. 
Xavier is swept up in the wild life. He parties hard and doesn't care who he hurts until he meets the one girl he can't have. His party days left behind, he focuses on getting the girl he's forbidden from. Mia is the one he wants but she has her own affairs to deal with. Can Xavier find a way to have the one thing he shouldn’t? 
Darren has a dark past and even darker tastes. His tragic past has pushed him to his breaking point when he meets Jessica. Jess changes his perspective on life. When things spiral out of control for Darren will Jess be able to reel him back in or his he too far gone? 
Cameron is the youngest of the brothers. He struggles with his own issues by running away from his problems. When reality forces him to make the toughest decision of his life, he’s forced to remain in one place and face everything that is being thrown at him. Gina is the love of Cameron’s life but being married to an abusive husband puts a damper on their plans. When Cameron forces Gina out of her safety zone will he finally have his happy ending or will it all back fire on him?

This book has 3 billionaire brothers who are walking sex on legs, they have been graced with good genes, they are rich, have killer good looks, and they know how to put their "equipment" to good use and use it often! They are always involved in some kind of scandal, real live bad boys and they definetely live up to their reputations! Who would have thought such legends would be felled by the love of a woman? There are 3 full sixed books in this almost 800 page book. Each book deals with one of the three brothers and how he fell in love. The first is Xavier and Mia, the second is Darren and Jessica, and the third is Cameron and Gina. Each story is unique to that brother with the others making many appearances in each story. For a disfunctional family that the brothers are so messed up, they are there for each other and are very close, kind of like the 3 Muskateers they are that close!
Xavier and Mia:
This book starts out sexy hot and doesn't let up even though Xavier and Mia find out that they have her Mother and his Uncle in comon and there is bad blood between the familys. Despite what their family think neither are willing to give the other up for their familys, and as the story unfolds you find out so much about Mia and Xavier and what went on between their familys.
Darren and Jessica:
Jessica is a lawyer and she is defending Darren. He has been accused of assulting a woman at a private adult BDSM club. He didn't do it. Even though she is engaged Jessica finds him very hot, and he wants her in the worst way and dosen't want to take no for an answer. She isn't sure she wants to say no either.
Cameron and Gina:
Gina is married to Steve, he is an abuser he hurts her and she knows she needs to leave him, but she is afraid to leave him. Cameron is in love with Gina and wants her to be with him, and is trying to get her to leave her abusing husband to be with him,Gina wants to but is afraid he will kill Cameron. Cameron is the youngest brother.
Each story has an element of mystery, dangerand something to do with the family. The writing is good, the stories are solid and well put together, and interesting to keep you reading an almost 800 page book. I read and reviewed this book as a member of the Mommy's Naughty Playground
Review Team.

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