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Crushed (Evermore Series Book 1) by Andrea Smith


In 1993, in the pristine coastal community of Malibu, CA., fourteen year-old Neely Evans, was coming of age, like it or not. A Tennessee transplant, she ended up in California when her father took a job at a top law firm.

What a culture shock it had been for the southern teen, but as an only child, she had always made her own entertainment.  She filled her time painting seascapes, still life art, and combing the beach for her next perfect picture. And then one day, the boy down the beach entered her life, and she would never be the same.

Seth Drake, a year older than Neely took her under his wing. They hung out and it wasn't long before they became inseparable. As they grew closer, their friendship gave way to something more. But before the teens could fully revel in their budding romance, Neely's life was ripped apart. Her father's infidelity was made public, and her mother was determined to seek vengeance by using Neely as her weapon. She uprooted Neely and moved back to Tennessee.

Seven months later, Neely returned to Malibu for a summer visit with her father. Seth had matured in ways she'd never imagined. Neely found herself at odds with her emotions and better judgment when Seth made it clear he was ready to take their relationship to the next level.  In the end, Neely made a decision she may live to regret. 

This first installment in the Evermore Series is bittersweet; complete with first love, first heartbreak, a family forever fractured by infidelity, and a teenager that becomes the primary caregiver for her mentally unstable mother. But Neely has strength that sometimes surprises even her. She learns how to cope - any way she can. 

Book 1 - Crushed:  Released 7-21-16
Book 2 - Claimed:   Releases  9-30-16
Book 3 - Paparazzi:  Releases  10-30-16
Book 4 - Star F*cking:  Releases  11-30-16

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Crushed is so emotional Neely Is only 14 years old and goes through so much for her age she lived in Tennessee and then her dad drags her family across country to California to start a new job in a law firm only to have an affair and tear the family apart.As well her mom has a drinking Issue which makes Neely have to grow up way to fast and have to be the parent she spends alot of time at her new best friends place Seth.This is definetely a very emotional one I couldn't put down until the end It was such a tear jerker no child should have to go what Neely went through 

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