Monday, June 6, 2016


WARNING: This book is for mature readers only. Not for children. It contains adult themes, violence, coarse language, sexual situations, nudity, and paranormal themes. 

The entire world is on the brink of finding out nightmares are real. 
An army of demons known as the Noctis is growing in strength.They control all manner of foul beasts and if not stopped soon, cities will burn, lives will end, and hope will be lost. 
The only thing standing in the way are the Journeymen; humans and supernatural beings united against the darkness. 

There is one known amongst men and the supernatural alike that you don’t mess with. Unless it’s on his terms. 
His name is Gage Crosse and he's the best damn Journeyman around. 

These are his adventures.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review!!!
I was very excited when i heard people talking about Homeward Bound. I could not wait to read. I did have trouble getting into it at first, then it picked up for me . Homeward Bound #1 is jammed packed of paranormal action going on. Super natural hunters the Journeyman fighting the evils in supernatural world . Joey, Gage and Adrienne are a team. This book deals with Gage going back to his hometown to see what is going on. There are sercets he will discover. Along the way Gage and Adrienne agree to start a relationship and see where it goes. A lot of twist and turns. The end. Let me just say I really would like to see what happens in book #2

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