Tuesday, May 3, 2016



 A one night

A secret. 

                                   A mistake they tried to forget. 

On leave from the army, Tyler Dare is just looking for a little fun, but his best friend's sister is off limits. Yet unable to deny how sexy and alluring she is, he finds it all too easy to succumb to a night of passion and heat that ends the next morning in the worst way possible. 

There are just some guys you don't touch--even someone as innocent and inexperienced as Ella Shaw knows that. But when her brother's best friend is up for grabs and willing, she can't resist. After all, she's wanted him for years… 

Now, Ella is stranded on a tropical island with a hurricane bearing down, and only Tyler can save her. It's his chance to make amends for the past and show the woman he's never forgotten that he's coming after her . . . in more ways than one.

Received a free author copy in exchange for a honest review.

Dare me is a book I just couldn't put down until I finished because once I started reading I wanted to find out how it ended.Tyler was left scarred very young at 14 he caught his dad cheating and his dad tells him you wouldn't want to hurt you mom keep this secret between us he was only 14 years old this would come between every relationship he would have.This book is very emotional Tyler is a ladies man he doesn't stay with anyone too long then there is Ella which is also his sisters best friend like a sister to him but things happen that make him run and join the Army until one day he comes home and now Ella is older as well now Averly his sister tells him she needs him to go rescue Ella she's been mugged and has a concussion Tyler isn't sure he wants to do this as him and Ella have a past Noone knows about.There is alot of emotions going around for both Tyler and Ella the sex in out of this,world but is it enough to hold 2 people together you will want to read to find that answer.

This book had a great story line definitely a five star read.Reviewed by Melissa for MNP.

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