Wednesday, April 13, 2016




An entertaining display of a combination of floral, paisley and mandala designs with a variety of phallic and sexual profanities for your pleasure.Includes 31 different images!
Words included in this book: 
 fuck, bitch, cock slap, twat waffle, dick, whore, kiss my ass, slut, douche canoe, shit head, pussy, butt pirate, face fuck, son of a bitch, asshole, cum dumpster, bastard, cluster fuck, thunder cunt, asshat, ass clown, meat flaps, fuck bubble, twat, cock puppet, fuckstick, twizzle tits, dick breath, cock rocket, numb nuts, cheesedick.  
Each page is printed on one side only.

most pics are by Laura Frasher
because i don't color as good as she does lol
laura you are awesome!!!!

POTTY MOUTH BY J.A HILDRETH was my first adult coloring book . i have to say i love the images and designs that where in the book as well as the names lol some made me laugh and couples are new to me . I totally recommend buying one of these they are a great stress reducer , 
my 5 star review by Ann

if potty mouth not your thing here is not a potty mouth



Jessica is the creative mind behind Potty Mouth, the best coloring book you will ever get your hands on. She is the visual book cover genius behind many of the best selling books on the market today. When she isn't creating mind blowing graphic arts, you can find her at local coffee shops, tattoo parlors or more often than not, at home being mommy to the 6 kids she shares with her husband Scott.

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