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Accidental Slave 1 Cover
What would you do if you had your morals tested, your values violated, and your boundaries broken? How many of your own rules would you break to survive in a world beyond your worst nightmare? And who would you become then?
Young nurse, Aya Johansen, is working with refugees in a war zone when she is captured by fanatic religious warriors, fighting for their right to keep slaves and perform human sacrifices. Their violence and brutality shocks her and her panic rises when she discovers the most terrifying man she's ever met has bought her as his personal sex slave. Aya is determined to break free, even if it means pushing beyond the edge of her fear to find hidden resources of mental strength. If her only chance of escape is to navigate a forbidden attraction to a man fighting on the wrong side of the war - then she'll take in. Desperate times... and all that.
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Accidental Slave 2 Cover
Accidental Slave 3 Cover
Freedom is a state of mind!
Aya is free but her mind is battling with demons from her time as a slave.
Was everything that happened between her and Kato wrong?
According to the psychologist she simply suffers from Stockholm syndrome and is being betrayed by her own forbidden feelings for him.
But what about the connection they shared the first time they met? That was real, wasn’t it?
Just because they had a bad start doesn’t mean they can’t have a happy ending, or does it?
Aya sets out to claim her life back. It’s time to test what kind of man Kato really is, and she’s got a message for him that he might not like to hear.

 The Accidental Slave: (Aya's Story - part 1) (The Slave Series) 
I read all the parts of this book. This was different from what I expected from the Title. I thought it was kinda like BDSM from the title, couldn't have been more wrong, was way at the other end of the spectrum. The writing in the book was good, still not sure what to think of the story. It was scary, in a terrorist kind of way to me, and I think that it could really happen, or maybe it already has in some country, since the country in the book doesn't really exist.
Aya is a nurse who doesn't want to work in a hospital, but rather helping people in undeveloped countries. She was kidnapped after being in the country for 2 months by the militants fighting against the King's army and laws, because the king has outlawed owning slaves, of any kind.
Kato is a Masi warrior who doesn't want to be, but will be put to death if he tries to go home to England. He left England, after he found his girlfriend with his best friend, to go to his father's birth country that was in fll civil war. He followed his brother, who is the one who kidnapped Aya. Aya was branded as Kato's brother's slave. then Kato stopped his brother from raping Aya. His brother kills himself and Aya becomes Kato's slave. She and Kato decide to escape the country which brings an untold amount of suspense and nail biting for me.( but it is the only way they can live free) The rest of the book details their escape and brings them a whole new set of problems. At first Kato doesn't seem to have any kahuna's but once they decide to escape he grows a set and is always protecting Aya. This book was at times hard for me to read because of the violence, but having read it I would like to read the next book in the series.There are many facets to this story and I have by no means told them all so be expecting a whole new can of worms freedom can bring! I read and reviewed this book as a member of the Mommy's Naughty Playground Review Team kris ward.

Elin has traveled the world and lived in different countries. She has studied psychology and worked in both the private sector and as a successful entrepreneur.
When Elin was a little girl she lived in Scandinavia and was trained to be a certified troll hunter by her granddad, who told her it was a family tradition and that he himself had been trained by his grandmother. As an adult he could no longer see the trolls (as you might know, only children can do that), but he was still sharp on pointing out their tracks, and for Elin the adventures they went on together every summer became treasured memories from a childhood full of fairies, trolls, and goblins.
With a vivid imagination and a thirst for great stories, she emptied the library as a child and continues to be a voracious reader still - when she isn’t creating great stories that will entertain, shock, touch, and excite you.
Elin lives in the United States, and troll hunting has been exchanged for the study of random people as inspiration for her books… if you find a blond woman watching you closely from a distance… that might be her, trying to decide if you are a hero or a villain.

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