Friday, March 25, 2016


Title: Changing Roles 
Author: Ellie Masters 
Genre: Erotica, BDSM 

Kate Summers's career on the Force came to an implosive end when she was ousted as a noted Domme. She now subsists at the fringes, scraping by as she feeds off the misery of others. Catching cheating spouses for divorce lawyers has become her paycheck, and a case brought by the woman who destroyed her career will bring many challenges. To follow the leads and solve a murder, she must reenter the world that cost her career and change roles. There's only problem, she swore she'd never submit to a man—at least never again.

I am impressed with this debut book, Changing Roles! This is the first time that I have read a debt book and had the writing be so smooth, and seamlessly blend into the story, with no mistakes that I could find. There was no slow, lapses in this story it was interesting, and kept me involved right to the end. I was so involved that I read this 478 page book in one sitting. The character development, and their back stories are spot on blending with the main story line. I loved the BDSM element, and the fact that Kate was a Domme or a Mistress.Her scenes at the club were legendary, and her nickname was the Mistress of Pain. BDSM Clubs, the good ones, come with a lot of checks and balances to make sure everything is Safe, Sane, and Consensual. One of her scenes were stopped, by a dungeon monitor because the sub was not in a frame of mind to safe word. Since she did not notice this, she is forced to retrain under a Master as a submissive, so she can see what they feel when they get overwhelmed, or loose her membership.Kate is also a former Detective on the Police Force who was outed for her BDSM activities so she lost her
job,and is now a Private Investigator. Which is why she is working on this murder case. There are many elements and twists and turns in this book, lots of suspense, sex ,love, and pain too, so if this is a turn off for you I'd skip this book. All of the club play is safe, sane, and consensual but pain can be triggers for some so I just wanted everyone to know.
The twists and turns in this book are clever, eventful and jaw dropping and you don't know what is coming until it hits ya in the face. If a first book is this good, then you know the next ones will be as well. this author is only going to get better with every book she writes. This is an erotic suspense love story with an HEA ending, no cliff hangers. I read and reviewed this book as a member of the Mommy's Naughty Playground Review Team by Kris Ward.

Ellie Masters has been exploring the worlds of romance, dark erotica, science fiction, and fantasy by reading and writing the stories she wants to read. When not writing, Ellie can be found outside, where her passion for all things outdoor reigns supreme: off-roading, ATV-ing, scuba diving, hiking, and breathing fresh air are top on her list. With the release of her debut novel, Ellie is pleased to add ‘author’ to her life’s list of accomplishments. Wife, lover, and mother are her most treasured roles, but Ellie has played many parts: counter girl at McDonalds, a research assistant in a Nanofabrication facility, a rocket scientist, and a physician. Which only proves anything in life is possible if you set goals and never give up. She has lived all over the United States, east, west, north, south and central, but grew up under the Hawaiian sun. She’s also been privileged to have lived overseas, experiencing other cultures and making lifelong friends. Now, Ellie is proud to call herself a Southern transplant, learning to say 'y’all', 'over yonder,' and ‘bless her heart’ with the best of them. She lives with her beloved husband, two children who refuse to flee the nest, and four fur-babies; three cats who rule the household, and a dog who wants nothing other than for the cats to be his best friends. The cats have a different opinion regarding this matter. Ellie’s favorite way to spend an evening is curled up on a couch, laptop in place, watching a fire, drinking a good wine, and bringing forth all the characters from her mind to the page and hopefully into the hearts of her readers.

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