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Title: Eclipsed by Midnight
Series: Lunar Eclipse Series Part IV
Author: Kristina F. Canady
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date:  March 23, 2016
As life continues on, some things must come to an end. That is the unspoken truth we fear to acknowledge. We’ve journeyed over the course of a moment in time together as my life has taken on new meaning. But happily ever after never did come easy. Come walk with me as the seasons change and I learn to find balance in the presence of life-altering tragedy.
Etienne… Nannau, you devilish goddess in the heavens, this is really happening, isn’t it? My past fears will be made present as I am forced to face that in which I run from. Will the world stop? Will the other half of my soul break off and turn from me only to leave me dust in the wind in her wake?
Aiden… I never asked for this; I never wanted this. I have my life planned out to a T. Nowhere on that map were there detours like this. My flesh is not my own. My DNA is sequenced to become something else entirely, something I fear… that I don’t understand. And at the heart of it, my once-spoken truths are proving to be lies as I meet my future head-on. 
Ethan… My brother may be shortsighted on this new development, but I embrace it. I feel as if my destiny is awakening. Mom didn’t do us a favor holding out on us for so long. I wish she had been honest from the beginning. Oh well, it’s time to do this now.

"Just when you didn't think this series could get any better this book came along!" ~Sandra (Goodreads Review)

"Kristina Canady has given us a magical well written story that draws you into it's pages and keeps us there from start to finish." ~Betty (Goodreads review)

"I cried, laughed, cheered and threw my Kindle while reading this book.  It has it all and I'm just blown away by this series."  ~Jaime (Goodreads review)
                 I was given a free ARC of this book for an honest review.

This is a perfect continuation in the Lunar Eclipse Series.  It picks up right where Irrevocable Midnight (book 3) leaves off.  The books do need to be read in order.  The book is well written, flows smoothly and is easy to read.  The imagery is amazing, I would picture every scene.  The book kept me captivated from the first page through the last page.  Once I started the book, I couldn't put it down.  The author did a great job portraying the characters, their emotions and the experiences they went through.

Sasha and Etienne are now mated/married and have survived their honeymoon.  Things are finally starting to look up for them.  Until Sasha's phone rant.  Ang called to let her know the boys have the flu, but she is worried that after being around so many vampires at the wedding, that they may be showing symptoms of transitioning to a vampire.  Irrevocable Midnight ended with Sasha, Etienne and several others on Erienne's private plane going back to the US to find out what is going on.

As soon as they land in California, Sasha finds she has a new super power as she flashes to Ethan and Aiden's dorm.  Once there her and Etienne can smell that the change will be happening soon.  Sasha had done everything possible to keep her boys separate from her Vampire life.  She never wanted this for them.  As Sasha is only 1/2 vampire, and the boys have a human father, they are only 1/4 vampire, so nobody ever thought they would turn.

Instead of getting to enjoy being a newlywed and having an empty mess, Sasha now has her plate full of worries.  Her sons are going to be vampires and she has no idea how to deal with it.  She must now reveal her secret to the boys and hope that they can repair any damage done to their relationship.  There are so many factors involved in the boys transitioning, they may not live through it, they will need a blood partner, and just worrying about her kids.  They will no longer have the carefree life of a human young man, if they survive.

To top that off, they find out they have another problem.  Sasha is the only one who can deal with it, and can't tell anyone where she is going or what she's doing.  If she can accomplish her mission, will it be enough?  Will there be retribution?

I won't say anymore as I am afraid I will give too much away.  I absolutely love this book/series and can't wait for the next book to see what happens next.

Review for Mommy's Naughty Playground BY Sherri frye

Raised California, Kristina moved to Colorado to pursue her education and fell in love with the area. After pushing through college class by class with a few scenic breaks in between, she finally graduated with the support of her family and friends. After establishing her career in nursing, she felt something was missing. Her artistic side was calling so she started to pick up her writing and painting again. After a while, she found that her short story had grown into her first novel. Writing is a passion of hers and she feels the greatest achievement in her art is creating works that bring enjoyment to others. She continues to reside in Colorado and is working on the next installment of an Affliction of Falling Novels.


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