Monday, February 22, 2016

REVIEW OF Stanton Adore: (Stanton #1) by T L Swan


         Stanton Adore: (Stanton #1) by T L Swan 


What a roller coaster ride this book is! 
Natasha is a sexual Clinical psychologist. Joshua is a man whore of epic proportions, he has a very high sex drive. They fell in love at 17 years old and 19 years old and acted on it. Josh had the chance of a life time to go to the USA from Austrailia to intern for Apple. He was going to chuck it and not go becase of his love for Natasha and not wanting to leave her. She broke up with him and said she was in love with someone else so he would still go, and not miss the opportunity of a lifetime, even though it just about killed her. He left and never looked back although he never quit loving Natasha. She has loved him for 7 years and never slept with anyone else since him. Now he is coming back to Australia to work for 3 months and to see her and get her out of his system so he can move on mentally.Josh has become almost a Billionaire and is surrounded by body guards, but we never really find out why. Their love and their chemistry is off the charts wild and they cold probably set water on fire with it! I loved that Natasha was not a yes woman to Joshua, like the other women he had been with! In their arguments and make up sex she gave as good as she got, and wasn't afraid to let him know what she thought! I am impressed that this is the authors first novel and how well written it is! The storyline is one I have never ran into in all my life of reading. This book was a roller coaster ride and a half, I am still reeling from it! The next 2 books are out and published already and it is a good thing cos the first book ends in a humdinger of a cliff hanger! I read and reviewed this book for the Mommy's Naughty Playground Review Team.

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