Saturday, July 18, 2015


           BY KIARA DELANEY             


Three years ago, Hailey Dawson’s life had gone from bad, to worse in an instant. She was robbed of the one thing that had brought peace and joy into her life. It vanished as quickly as it came, leaving her heart nothing more than a pile of ashes. The past three years have taken her on a journey she never expected, but somehow, the void of the pain and loss she’d suffered remained a gaping wound that seemingly wouldn’t heal, no matter how hard she tried to mend it. 

Kellan Haines had considered himself fortunate to make it out of Chambers, the small, sleepy town that had brought him nothing but misery. Though there were miles and miles between him and his hometown, he’d left a part of himself behind. Three years later, the distance had done little to wash away the bitter taste of rejection. 

An unforeseen tragedy brings Kellan back to the town that he spent most of his life desperately trying to get out of, and face to face with the woman that nearly ruined him. As unexpected events seem to surface at every turn, Hailey and Kellan are left questioning everything they thought they knew to be true. Yet the question that plagues them both, the only real question that matters is: Will the devastation of the inferno that threatened to destroy them in the past finally consume them? Or can the flames that burned out years ago be rekindled? 


                       Fire and Ice: Burned

                        BOOK 1

Kellan Haines is a true bad-boy through and through, from his reckless behavior down to his foul mouthed, take-no-prisoners attitude. Yet, the self-proclaimed playboy has no trouble luring all-too-eager women into his bed. Filled with angst, the only thing Kellan really cares about is getting out of the small, sleepy town he's felt trapped in for his entire life. 

There's no denying the immediate spark that enflames the moment Hailey Dawson enters Kellan's life. He's sexy as sin, and his perfectly carved, tattooed body leaves her reeling every time he's near. But his hot and cold temper had been giving her whiplash from the second they met. Refusing to back down against his constant tirades, Hailey battles to maintain her composure while fighting her attraction to Kellan. 

When Kellan's best friend, Jordan, begins to show interest in Hailey, she's quickly consumed by doubt. Jordan's advances, with his laid-back charm and boyish good looks, leave Hailey feeling stuck between a rock and a hard spot, as she battles losing herself to a man that's no good for her, or falling into the arms of a perfect gentleman that's seemingly too good to be true. 

Jordan's actions don't go unnoticed by Kellan, and are like pouring gasoline on the fire, as his unwelcome, territorial feelings begin to develop for Hailey. 

As the heat rises to a fever pitch between the couple, can Kellan's icy exterior be cracked, or will Hailey end up getting burned in the end? 

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