Friday, April 10, 2015

Pushed: Book One in The Torn SeriesPushed: Book One in The Torn Series by AF Crowell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book begins as Leila Mathews a trauma Rn learns her brother Drew, a SWAT officer has been shot! Brody Davis is Drew's friend and comes to the hospital to find out about Drew, where he meets Leila. Brody Davis is a rich playboy panty melting man of 6'3 whom Leila is immediately attracted to. Whats ore that attraction is mutual with Brody too! They both have mistrust and commitment issues from previous relationships, and neither are ready for a relationship, and both are afraid to love. The story moves fast into a full fledged affair. It is told from both Leia and Brody's point of view.There is a cliffy, so if they make you crazy do yourself a favor and don't read this book.
This is a sexy love story, about a couple who both have commitment issues due to people leaving them. There is lots of sexual tension in this book with sex occurring frequently, but it is not too naughty. As this is a debute novel for A. F. Crowell, I thought this was an interesting story line and I am looking forward to seeing what the second book has to offer, and how this story plays out for Leila, Drew, Brody, and the rest of the characters in this book. I do not like to give key things away in a story line so I have left out several key points, better explained by the author and the story in this book. I read and reviewed this book for the MNP review team.

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