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                                                          Captured (Hunted Love Book 3) BY   Aden Lowe

                                                                   MNP REVIEW

                                                         REVIEWED BY SHERRI FRYE

                                                                MNP REVIEWER



Jakob and Kate from Big Game continue to explore the possibilities of their attraction, as disaster and violence head their way. A new foe prepares to rain hell down on their heads in the form of an outlaw Motorcycle Club and Kellen, a killer with a grudge against Jakob. Having overheard the plot, Jakob's old Army buddy, Falon, and Rita, from Bounty, race to help, but can they get there in time? 

Kellen will do whatever it takes to have his revenge on Jakob and carry out his orders to force Kate into a brand new horror. Will she be able to count on Jakob's love to sustain her in the darkness? When Falon and Rita interfere with Kellen's plans, they become his targets as well, but since they have no value to him, he simply wants them eliminated. Can they trust in their new love to help them get through

                                                                            REVIEW  4 STARS

                The characters from Book 1 and Book 2 are on a collision course. Falon has been searching for biker Kellen. Kellen has been hires to kill Falon's friend from the military, Jakob. Will Falon and his new girlfriend be able to warn Jakob and his girlfriend Kate? The characters and thier emotions are well depicted. I love how the stories collide. I was not expecting the story to end the way it did, but I enjoyed the book. Mommy's Naughty Playground.

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