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Can money really buy you happiness? 

What would you do to support your family? 

The Macintyre family faces struggles of alcoholism and severe financial hardship after having it all and losing everything. Jeremy is forced into the ranks of the long-term unemployed, destroying his family with his alcohol addiction, and leaving Lizzie Macintyre to provide for the family in a most unconventional way. Just how far is Lizzie willing to go to save her family? 

Jack Loving Jr., of the Loving family, is sole heir to Richmond’s most philanthropic family’s Trust. He and wife, Victoria, work hard to honor his family’s long-standing tradition of serving the less fortunate, forcing Jack to sacrifice his lifelong dreams. Jack faces serious challenges when someone close betrays him, turning his world upside down. Can Jack create happiness for himself? 

When Jack has a chance encounter with Lizzie, never could they imagine their families would eventually need one another. 

“I just pray that our children ultimately learn the real joy and satisfaction you receive from having money can be very comforting, and comes when you can spend it not on yourself, but by making a real difference in someone else’s life.” 

By…Jack Loving, Jr. 

This contemporary erotic romance series is set in beautiful Richmond, Virginia. This is a work of fiction and any comparison to persons, living or dead, is completely unintentional. 

WARNING: This novel contains strong sexual content and language. It is not intended for children under eighteen years of age. If you find erotica offensive, this may not be the best choice for purchase.


4 STARS 🌟🌟🌟🌟

I received this book for an honest review. This is the first work of Jolie Mae Miller that I have had the pleasure of reading. Money is needed for survival, but excessive money only leads to greed. This story portrays both dynamics. The Story flows together nicely. We meet two couples each involved in their own unique love triangle. See how all their paths cross in this well written story!

Victoria's family has had a tough time dealing with debt. Being an only child, she was conditioned to find a wealthy husband. Jack lost the love of his life; Erin, as she left to pursue a career in music. Ten years and a set of twins later, Victoria and Jack not only have to deal with Erin's return, but also implications of an unforgivable crime.

Lizzie and Jeremy had the perfect life. Due to the loss of his job, Jeremy lost their family home and the ability to provide for his family. Becoming a different person, seeking comfort in his booze, Jeremy forces Lizzie to become the bread winner. The employment she finds brings her guilt, but she has no choice. Mark has given Lizzie the means to support her family, but in the process has made quite a connection with her.
See how their actions and consequences change their lives and each other's! I'm eager to see how things play out in the next installment!!
Missy - reviewer for Mommy's Naughty Playground

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